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Who is Global Radio?

We are a Two Way Radio specialist company based in Edenvale and Germiston, supplying the whole of Africa. Our radio solutions work all over the world, and are suitable for almost any industry. Between our team we have over 30 years experience. Global radio specialises in both analog and digital two way radios.

Why use the Global Radio?

  • No installation or setup is required
  • Our radio can work anywhere
  • The radio is made from a durable material, and are reliable
  • The radios are easy to operate
  • You can have up to 1000 users on 1 group
  • Multiple groups can be set on the radios
  • No Distance Limit
  • No Licence Required

Who is the Global Radio Suitable For?

– Police – Transport Companies
– Courier Companies – Building Contractors
– Radio Maintenance – Security Service Providers
– EMS – Emergency Medical Services – EMT – Emergency Medical Technicians
– Event management Teams – Hikers
– Community Police Forum members – Neighbourhood Watch
– Farm Watch

….And any situation where Reliable Radio Communication is required.

Exclusive South-African Agent For T199 Model





Our Global Wireless Public Network Digital Radio

This radio is designed to provide simple and effective operation for everyone, but is powerful and very reliable for daily use. The radio is made with a very durable material to last. This radio as a useful clip to keep it attached to your personal. The radio is GSM based to offer maximum reliability and to work over larger distances.

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